Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paris Inspired Baby Shower

This is a bit delayed, but last year, my dear friend Taslim gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A couple of months before that, I hosted a Paris-inspired baby shower in pink and damask with the help of several other friends and her sister.  In honor of her daughter's 1st birthday (I told you I was behind!), I've posted a few pictures of the super fun day!

We tried to make the shower elegant, sweet, and fun. I used some faux book boxes from Hobby Lobby and little Eiffel Towers as decorations. The diaper cake above has lots of diapers, a damask onesie, a pacifier holder, and some cute closet dividers that all matched the theme. We abandoned all silly baby shower games in exchange for some personalized crafts: bring on onesie and headband decorating!

I turned my newly finished attic conversion into a fabric and art supply station with samples that I had tested out along with step-by-step how-to instructions. I do think for the non-crafty guests, the examples and instructions are important for inspiring creativity. Thanks to Pintrest and many helpful blogs, I had lots of ideas to share.

We arranged everything so it was easy to see and find...

Then, we let the guests go to work...

They did a great job, and in the end, we came up with all of these...

Here are a few of the onesies up close (although a few still have freezer paper attached while they were drying, so you have to imagine what those turned out like. Sorry!

As you can see, we attempted several different types of DIY onesies, including freezer paper stenciling, iron-on appliques, and fabric marker stamps. For the headbands, I had examples for fabric rosettes, scorched flowers, and folded flowers. All were attempted and executed successfully! 

We also enjoyed some delicious food and drinks (located in the Tea Room and Patisserie)!

I absolutely love water bottle labels (I order waterproof laser jet water bottle labels from Labels by the Sheet and then just design them myself).

We also had more desserts than we knew what to do with, like these delicious mini cheesecakes (with and without strawberry topping) made by my friend, Hava...

...and these delicious desserts from a nearby bakery...

...and these mini cupcakes from Gigi's (I guess I didn't make much for this party!)

We also had all the guests write some advice for the mom-to-be in this photo album that had slots ready for the party pics.

Finally, what shower would be complete without some darling favors. Taslim's sister brought all of these cute favors for people to take home (bath salts, personalized hand sanitizer, Eiffel Tower sugar cookies, and cupcake boxes to take a cupcake home)! I can't take credit for all of this, but the guests definitely had a bag of goodies from which to remember this event!

Final group picture from this "Bebe Soiree"!


  1. Awesome post! The cake looks beautiful. I recently attended a fair in one of the Venues in NYC and there delicious and designer cakes were displayed but nothing like this was there. I am so glad I came across this post. This is going to be a perfect cake for my daughter’s 13th birthday.